Our food is freshly prepared in the shop by our lovely workforce, using the best quality ingredients from local suppliers and small businesses in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Our coffee is supplied by Red Bank artisan coffee roasters based in Coniston. Our milk is from the free range cows of Stephenson's dairy.  Oat and soya milk is also available and we offer a wide range of options for vegans and those looking for gluten free food.
We use seasonal ingredients and like to ring the changes, so our menu does vary through the year and indeed from week to week!


Please be aware that the menu and prices may be subject to change - please check with us when ordering

Red Bank Coffee

Espresso - single £1.50 double £1.75

Cappucino - small £2.10 medium £2.40

Latte small - £2.10 medium £2.40

Americano - small £1.70 medium £2.00

Mocha - small £2.10 medium £2.40

Flat white - £2.10

Macciato - £1.85

(de-caffeinated coffee and non-dairy alternatives available)


Fairtrade tea £1.60

Earl Grey £1.60

Green Tea £1.50

Rooibos Tea £1.50

Herbal Tea £1.50

Chai Latte small £2.25 medium £2.65

 Cold drinks

Organic fruit juice £1.50

'Beet It' (beetroot juice) £1.60

Savse Smoothie £2.29

Mawson's Fizzy £1.75

Fentimen's £1.75

Still/Sparkling water £0.90


Porridge with honey & cream £2.30

Porridge with blueberries & lemon curd £2.85

Porridge with chocolate & cranberries £2.85

Scrambled egg with feta & spinach £4.60

Scrambled egg with smoked salmon £4.85

Breakfast toastie (mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach & smoked cheddar) £3.75

Toast (2 slices) with butter £2.00

Toast with honey or homemade marmalade £2.40     


Radish Salad Box - green leaves, your choice of 4 salads, hummus, a deli item (olives, roasted veg, tapenade etc) topped with tahini or spicy peanut dressing and toasted seeds £4.95

Big Radish Salad Box - as above, but add a stuffed vine leaf, potato & onion tortilla & chunk of bread £5.95

Small salad - choice of 3 salads topped with tahini or spicy peanut dressing and toasted seeds £3.20


Cheddar & onion marmalade £3.50

Hummus & roast veg £3.50

Red pepper tapenade, feta & olives £3.50

Egg & cress (with optional mustard) £3.50

Smoked salmon & house cream cheese (with dill & capers) £4.00

Smoked cheddar, chilli jam & roast veg £3.50

Cheese toastie £3.50

Cheese & roast tomato toastie £3.70

Cheese & onion marmalade toastie £3.70


Feta, artichoke, kalamata olives £3.95

Cheddar, roast tomatoes, green olives £3.95

Roast veg, red pepper tapenade, olives £3.95

Hot tortilla (potato & onion), melted cheese, green olives £4.95

Falafel, hummus, salads & dressings £4.95


Standard soup £3.20

Standard soup & bread £3.65

Large soup £3.65

Large soup & bread £4.10

Takehome pot (600ml) £3.70


Brownie (gluten free) £2.30

Almond caramel slice £2.30

Lemon slice £2.30

Healthy millionaire's shortbread (vegan, gluten free) £2.30

Chia & sultana cookies (vegan, gluten free) £1.50

Energy balls (vegan, gluten free) £1.00




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